Halozyme has completed its acquistion of Antares Pharma, creating a leading drug delivery business. View details here.
Antares Pharma: Making Medicines Feel Better

About Antares

Antares Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company that combines drug development expertise with proprietary delivery technology to deliver safe and effective medicines.  With a goal of improving dosing, reducing side effects, and improving patient compliance and outcomes, our pursuit of innovative therapies strives to positively affect patients’ lives. We focus on self-injection, pharmaceutical products and technologies with emphasis in rheumatology, urology, endocrinology, and neurology. Through innovation, Antares Pharma combines pharmaceutical and medical device knowledge to produce treatment options that best serve our patients, physicians, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Mission

We at Antares Pharma leverage our pharmaceutical and medical device expertise to develop innovative products that address needs in underserved therapeutic areas.

Our relentless pursuit of better therapies that positively affect patient lives inspires our employees to serve our customers and stakeholders every day.

About Antares