Antares Pipeline

Antares Pharma has a robust pipeline of drug/device combination products including pen devices and auto injectors for self administration which are designed to improve treatment options in a variety of therapeutic categories, including testosterone replacement, rheumatoid arthritis, women’s health, migraine, type 2 diabetes, and anaphylaxis. Class leading device technology platforms, such as our Vibex, QuickShot, and pen device platforms, combined with safe and effective therapies have the potential to improve both patient outcomes and convenience with reliable, accurate, patient-friendly treatment options.

Antares Pharma Portfolio & Products

Antares Pharma continues to build its commercial portfolio, with four products approved by the FDA in less than 5 years, focusing on innovative, patient-focused therapeutic options. Our marketed products include Otrexup™, Sumatriptan autoinjector, Zoma-Jet and Gelnique, and are built on our proven auto injector and pen device platforms. In addition to our core device platforms, our internal development team specializes in creating custom designed devices that fit the device to the patient and therapeutic need.

ATRS Investor Information

Founded in 1978 and listed on NASDAQ in 2012, Antares Pharma is focused on value-driven growth and accountability to our shareholders. Complete corporate financial information can be found here.

Partnering With Antares

With over 75 years of combined development experience in-house, Antares Pharma is your turn-key specialty pharmaceutical partner with expertise supporting all aspects of drug and device development. Our business is rooted in a tailored approach to creating products that meet user requirements supported by a flexible business model that creates long-lasting alliances that delivers innovative and approvable combination products.